A happy day – 1st March, 2014

This day 1st March, 2014, no matter how old I get, it will be one of the important dates of my life.

Now, I would like to share the reasons why this is important and a happy day for me. On 18 feb, 2014 I had submitted a theme named Radiate (a free WordPress theme) to the wordpress repo. On the same day I had also launched the site themegrill.com which is the site that will contain all the free and premium themes/plugins that I make. The corresponding links are:

Here are the sneak pic images:

And, today is the day, Radiate theme is live at WordPress.org repository which is the reason that has made this day a wonderful one in my life. You can now download the Radiate theme at WordPress repository.

I have been working really hard for last few weeks to get this all done and here I am now with the happy feeling that all hard work has now brought this happy day. This day is not only a happy day for me but also a start of a new beginning for me, from which I will have to work a lot harder and lead the ThemeGrill to a huge success providing the users simple, clean and easy to use themes/plugins coupled with advanced functionality and awesome support.

Looking forward for many wonderful days like this. 🙂

Internationalization and Localization of WordPress Theme : Part 2

The Part 1 for this post was written on October 11, 2012 that is like more than a year ago. I should have written the second part way earlier but guess I got lazy and lost in my own world. No harm done! here I am now writing the Part 2 for this article, hope this will be helpful to some of you guys out there.

Lets get a short review about the Part 1. In Part 1, I talked about what actually is internationalization and localization and how to make the WordPress theme translation ready. It was basically targeted towards the WordPress theme developer and included about how to make the strings present within the theme translation ready with the WordPress translation functions. Don’t get a thing what I am talking a about?, perhaps you should visit my first article Internationalization and Localization of WordPress Theme : Part I and come back.
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