A happy day – 1st March, 2014

This day 1st March, 2014, no matter how old I get, it will be one of the important dates of my life.

Now, I would like to share the reasons why this is important and a happy day for me. On 18 feb, 2014 I had submitted a theme named Radiate (a free WordPress theme) to the wordpress repo. On the same day I had also launched the site themegrill.com which is the site that will contain all the free and premium themes/plugins that I make. The corresponding links are:

Here are the sneak pic images:

And, today is the day, Radiate theme is live at WordPress.org repository which is the reason that has made this day a wonderful one in my life. You can now download the Radiate theme at WordPress repository.

I have been working really hard for last few weeks to get this all done and here I am now with the happy feeling that all hard work has now brought this happy day. This day is not only a happy day for me but also a start of a new beginning for me, from which I will have to work a lot harder and lead the ThemeGrill to a huge success providing the users simple, clean and easy to use themes/plugins coupled with advanced functionality and awesome support.

Looking forward for many wonderful days like this. 🙂

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